Adios, Clara Blanco

4 Sep

San Francisco Ballet’s Monthly Newsletter included the information that soloist Clara Blanco will be leaving the company to join the Escluelo de Danza Maria de Avila, subsidized by the Spanish Government, as a ballet teacher and head of the classical dance department. The positions are for life.

Blanco joined San Francisco Ballet in 2001 and except for a year at the Birmingham Royal Ballet during the 2007 season, she has been one of the company’s interesting dancers to watch.  Particularly when assigned to a major pas de deux, her style gave one the sense of seeing the 19th century ballerina; a secure dancer with distinct charm.

What the audiences and company will miss is Blanco’s Doll in the first act of The Nutcracker. Something in her movements plus the coils of curls on her head have created an indelible impression, creating a standard by which other dancers are measured.

Another memorable role Blanco danced was Olga in Eugene Onegin. She also displayed her impeccably graceful port de bras to advantage in Tomasson’s pas de cinq in the first act of Giselle. I was told more than once Blanco was asked to demonstrate port de bras in class and rehearsals.

Adios, Clara


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