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An Opera San Jose and Ballet San Jose Collaboration to be Streamed

17 Apr

Several days ago Dennis Nahat e-mailed that, in lieu of a performance season, Opera San Jose will be streaming its 2011 production of Idomedeo di la Creta, for which he served as choreographer, utilizing fourteen dancers from Ballet San Jose.  The production was underwritten by the Packard Humanities Institute, and received warm reviews from both San Jose Mercury News and the San Francisco Chronicle.  The streaming will commence April 18 and be available until May 18.

Nahat mentioned the cast numbered 73, 41 of which were chorus members and 14 were Ballet San Jose dancers.  He had several things to say about rehearsals which I will share later.  He also recommended consulting the Opera San Jose website for official information.

It goes without saying that grand it is that traces remain of Nahat’s productive sojourn in San Jose remain for the record and for the pleasure of those who relished the Nahat presence in the South Bay.