Amber Says

3 Sep

September 3 S.F. Gate has listed Starbuck’s progressive closures of the stand alone La Boulange bakery-eateries, so I am passing along a word-of-mouth statement.

Amber works cheerfully behind one of the cash registers at Cole Hardware. She also does something similar at La Boulange at the corner of Cole and Parnassus. The other day I asked Amber if there were any developments for saving La Boulange and the fate of the employees who have waited on me  a decade plus. To see them getting unemployment after years of polite and efficient service sour me on the name Starbucks. believe in profit, but Starbuck’s interest in the bottom line swore me off their brew.

Amber told me. “The former owner has taken over the lease on six of the stores. I don’t know the others  but Pine and Parnassus are two of them.”

The other nastier part of the impasse is that Starbucks bought La Boulange’s recipes, i.e. Starbuck’s bought “the intellectual property” of La Boulange. Starbuck’s
disposition of same is anyone’s guess, but it means La Boulange may require a new variation of their staples or a new line of bakery offerings.

Stay Tuned and Bon Appetit!


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