11 Sep

Several times recently I have gone on the Web and found myself looking at the personnel of three major U.S. ballet companies, American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet and San Francisco Ballet. I became curious about where the annual budget was allocated, beyond the dancers themselves.
And, provincial that I am my curiosity was whetted.

So I looked up the three companies and enumerated them by categories. There are differences such as the inclusion or separation of costume and wardrobe. New York City Ballet, for example, has a separate department, clearly constructing the productions in house. San Francisco Ballet includes Ticket Service and Facilities in its listing, bringing the personnel numbers above 100, where the New York City based companies are not required to include these tasks in their payrolls.

So below is what I culled.
Comparative Personnel Figures, U.S. Ballet Companies

Dancers: Principals
ABT: 17 NYC:24 SFB: 20
Dancers: Soloists
ABT: 26 NYC: 15 SFB: 10
Corps de Ballet:
ABT: 54 NYC: 46 SFB: 40
Apprentices: SFB: 4

Artistic Staff: (includes Artistic Director)
ABT: 11 NYC: 12 SFB: 10
Operations and Company Management:
ABT: 6 NYC: 3 SFB: 3
ABT: 9 NYC: 5 SFB: 6
ABT: 14 NYC: 21 SFB: 17
Special Projects)
ABT: 21 NYC: 10 SFB: 16
Costume and Wardrobe:
ABT: NYC: 10 (See Production)
Finance and Administration:
ABT: NYC: 17 SFB: 4+8
Health and Wellness:
ABT: 7 2 SFB:
Information Technology:
ABT: NYC: 5 SFB: 5
Marketing and Communications:
ABT: 10 NYC: SFB: 16
Professional Services:
Ticket Services:
SFB: 10
Facilities: SFB: 9

The rough supporting totals are: ABT: 91; NYC: 99 and SF, including Ticket services and Facilities 104, without these two categories 85. Place these figures against the dancers rosters, ABT 97; NYC 85; SFB 74, giving one a rough idea of where the annual funding is budgeted, ABT at 188; NYC at 184 and SFB totaling 178.

NB – The figures originally were in tidy columns, but the translation from the computer draft does not seem very cooperative.  My apologies.

I would be fascinated to compare such totals with The Bolshoi, the Maryinsky, The Paris Opera and The Royal Ballet.

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