Where Has She Been?

My latest culinary discovoery tickles me, but as the title of these
comments states, exactly where have I been? Last night, while preparing a fruit loaf for the oven, I remembered that someone recommended it be laced with rum.

The tablespoon was in the sink, dirty, so I unscrewed the cap, and, using it as my measure, sprinkled the capful of rum onto the dough. Into the oven the loaf went for its allotted baking time.

I got curious, took the cap, filled it with water before pouring it
into a tablespoon measure. Exact! Mirabile! Fabulous! I felt
positively giddy with delight, knowing that most liquor bottles have
standard-sized screw tops, and just guess how that might facilitate
mixing cocktails in a similar pinch, a practice I do not pursue, but still it’s nice to know.

I can just imagine some sophisticate chancing on this “discovery,”
muttering to someone of their iPhone, “So Where’s She Been?”

Well, I’ll tell you — still learning, trivia and otherwise.


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