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That Kingship

27 Aug

Wikipedia has quite a bit on the King of Jerusalem, and how the title hopped from one faction to another, women sometimes being the link and holding sway for a number of years. The kingship lasted in the eastern Mediterranean only until 1291.

There is mention of Antioch, Tyre and Cyprus as well as monarchs as far west as

I remember when I was in Greece and took a tour bus into the Peloponnesus, seeing castle ruins on the crest of several hills and being told the Crusaders constructed tho battlements. They obviously lingered, probably past functional necessity or welcome sojourn. The layers of history and culture confronted me more sharply than in other stops. The list of rulers, marriages, yes, divorces,
offspring, and ages at death are in the best tradition of dynastic intrigue.

Reading further, it seems the claimants to the title are three dynasties with living descendants: the House of Hapsburg-Lorraine, Bourbons represented by former King Juan Carlos and the present Felipe VI and what remains of the House of Savoy.