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A Bemusement

6 Jun

During a recent stint as a poll worker, I walked into Lilah Belle’s, an establishment on Divisadero Street near Eddy in San Francisco for my supper break. The City and County of San Francisco has recently refined the break system for poll workers; no more combining of fifteen-minute breaks with lunch or dinner. It’s all down on one’s job card; probably a good thing, particularly for the field supervisor in charge. My particular one was Betty; she was simply stellar with two students and me, the students, Andrew and Gabriella, speaking Mandarin and Spanish respectively. The other refinements were the bags to store ballots, provisional and otherwise; no more plastic sleeves with seals that one numbers. These now are multi-colored, the precinct number appearing underneath a plastic protection pocket. The precincts themselves have been divided, so I didn’t meet up with voters from Mid-Town Terrace or familiar from a particular block of Scott Street and one block Beideman Street lending its name to the neighborhood association.

I do recommend Lilah Belle’s for take out, full meals ranging from $12: salmon, sirloin, chicken, vegetables, vegetarian fare also. I ate cheaper,$6, a wonderful salad made with orzo, tomatoes and cucumbers. But the piece de resistance was a heavily chocolate brownie from The Inspired Cookie, titled Brownie Bliss with the following advantages printed on its label: gluten free, egg free, dairy free, wheat free. Its 3.7 ounces for $3 was quite worth it. However, the biggest kick was a quotation on the reverse beneath the required Nutrition Facts,reading: “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors to you where there were only walls.”

You guessed it; the quotation is from Joseph Campbell, a brownie celebrating one of his amazing directives.