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2014 USAIBC Results, June 27, 2014

20 Aug

These comments will see the website not quire two months following the announcement of winners for the 2014 USAIBC Competition. In thirty-five years technology has devastated “scoops”, Facebook and YouTube almost decreeing “sayonara” to ritual and decorum.

The IBC Staff, Jurors, finalists, seeded dancers, coaches, press, family, friends and IBC volunteers gathered on the Mezzanine to learn the results of 8 sessions of Round I, 3 sessions each of Rounds II and III. Vicki Blake Harper, a six- competition press and public relations veteran, had managed to print the three page announcement to supply the press with the data.

The third page was nearly full listing scholarships and positions with junior companies of U.S. companies before the perfunctory notice of the Gala, and statements by Edward Villella, Jury Chair, and Sue Lobrano, Executive Director.

Ashley Wheater, Artistic Director of The Joffrey Ballet offered full scholarships for 2015 Summer Intensive to Blake Kessler, Matthew Griffin; from the People’s Republic of China Taiyu He and Yue Shi plus Gustavo Carvalho from Brasil. Griffin, He, Shi and Carvalho are also designated to continue into the Joffrey Studio Company.

The Joffrey also offered positions in the Joffrey Company for the 2015-2016 season to the Koreans Dae Han Na and Jeong Hansol. The two Koreans are still students, Dae Han Na of Korea National University of Art, Jeong Hansol of Sejong University.

Trainee and company contracts, 2014-2015, have been offered by Ballet West to semi-finalist Anita Sineral-Scott, U.S.A; Makenzie Richter, U.S.A. with Houston Ballet’s Second Company; Texas Ballet Theater to semi-finalist Paula Alves, Brazil; Memphis Ballet offered Matthew Griffin, U.S. a trainee position for 2014-2015.

Matthew Griffin also garnered a full tuition scholarship for Colorado Ballet’s 2015 Summer intensive and a one-season contract with Columbia City Ballet.

Gisele Bethea, U.S.A., has been offered a full scholarship and stipend for the fall 2014 and a Studio Company position, Spring 2015 with Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis School at American Ballet Theatre.

Finally, Olga Marchenkova and Ilya Artamonov, Bolshoi Ballet dancers from Russia, are invited to dance leading roles in South Mississippi Ballet’s 2014-2015 production of The Sleeping Beauty.

In all, these opportunities count as much as the following awards:
Robert Joffrey Award of Merit: Daniel Alejandro McCormick-Quintero, representing Mexico, but a student at San Francisco Ballet School,$1,000.

Jury Award of Encouragement, Female: Romina Contreras from Chile, $500.

Jury Award of Encouragement, Male: Yue Shi, People’s Republic of China, $500.

The Choreographic Award went to Nicholas Blanc for Rendez-vous, danced by finalist Aaron Smyth, Australia. Both Blanc and Smyth are affiliated with the Joffrey Ballet, Blanc a former principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet, then ballet master with the Royal Scottish Ballet before assuming the same position with the Joffrey Ballet. The Award brings with it $2,500.00

For the Best Couple Awards, the Junior went to Yasmin Lomondo and Gustavo Carvalho of Brazil; scarcely surprising since they were the sole couple participating throughout in the junior division, courteous and attentive as well as exact and musical. Both receive $1,000 each. The Senior Best Couple were
from Korea, Ji-Seok Ha and Ga-yeon Jung.

Announcement of Medals start with the Bronzes. The Jury is permitted to award two Bronzes and two Silvers for either men or women and this occurred amongst the Junior Women’s Bronze, the Men’s Bronze, the Women’s Senior Silver. The list went as follows:

Junior Women Bronze: Yasmin Lomondo, Brazil and Paulina Guraieb Abella, Mexico, each $1,500.

Junior Men’s Bronze, Gustavo Carvalho, Brazil, $1,000.

Junior Women’s Silver, MacKenzie Richter, U.S.A., $3,000.

Junior Women’s Gold, Gisela Bethea, U.S.A., $5,000.

In the Senior Division, the Awards lined up as follows:

Senior Women Bronze: Ga-Yeong Jung, Korea, $3,000

Senior Men’s Bronze: Aaron Smyth, Australia and Ivan Duarte, Brazil, each $3,000.

Senior Women’s Silver: Irina Sapozhnikova, Russia, and Tamako Miyazaki, Japan, each $5,000.

Senior Men’s Silver: Byul Yun, Korea, $5,000.

Senior Women’s Gold: Shiori Kase, Japan, $8,000

Senior Men’s Gold: Jeong Hansol, Korea, $8,000.

Missing from this roster were some dancers I liked enormously but who apparently took too much liberty in their classical variations. Jurors, enjoying coaching lineages stretching back almost to the time the classical repertoire was being established at the Maryinsky and Bolshoi Theatres in St. Petersburg and Moscow, or managed to acquire similar guidelines through migrating teachers or lengthy observation, pick up on such deviations. Generalized performances may permit such liberties; competitions do not and should not. As a result, one or two riveting dancers remained in the finalist category and the anguish was apparent
on their faces as the press conference terminated.

Adding my own opinion, there were several dancers already dancing with ensembles or companies. Beyond the requirements in classical variations, the professional rigors gave those competitors an edge in sheer performing skills; in the instance of the senior women it definitely showed. One or two other dancers revealed growing pains amongst the jurors manifesting such physical adjustments in degrees of reticence.

At the Gala, the medalists achieving gold status will dance twice, one classical variation and their contemporary selection.


2014 USA IBC, Round I, Sessions III and IV, Monday, June 15, 2014

9 Jul

In familiar form, Odd Numbered Sessions in Round I were scheduled for 2 p.m., Even numbered sessions a6 7:30 p.m.

Session III

So Jung Lee, #11, Jr., Korea, opened afternoon session, Paquita variation, arms delicately stroked; pirouettes need closing precise fifth. Rare to witness total grace in variation; no one yet equals Say Eun Park, 2006 competition.

Zoe Briscoe, #12, Jr., U.S.A., Coppelia variation with utter accuracy, control, correctness at expense of music message– exhilaration before wedding.

Monica Bulbuena, #13, Jr., Peru, Coppelia variation with charm, gave something of plot; could use additional sparkle.

Miranda Wienecke, #14, Jr., U.S.A., danced perky Flames of Paris.

Young-Grace Choi, #15, Jr., U.S.A. Paquita variation requiring fouettes with grand a la secondes.

Ye Lim Choi, #62, Sr., and Dae Han Na, #85, Sr., both Korea, La Fille Mal Gardee, correctly credited to Jean Dauberval, four composers. Garbled notes record excellent male solo, effervescence.

Shiori Kase, #64, Sr., Japan, female variation Don Quixote, followed by Guillaume Basso, #65, Sr., France, male version of familiar pas de deux, distinguished by the use of hands.

Takahiro Hayashi, #66, Sr., Japan, same variation; for a small man; audience with elevation, a bit of dash.


So Jung Lee, #11, Jr., Florine variation from the Blue Bird Pas de deux, very correct reading,; lacking “learning” quality.

Zoe Briscoe, #12, danced correct Paquita variation; largely academic.

Monica Balbuena, #13, Jr., Florine variation from Blue Bird pas de deux. Technically correct, graceful.

Miranda Wienecke, #14, Jr., wore full-skirted, bobby tutu of gold-edged scarlet; danced a Paquita variations, considerable charm.

Younji-Grace Choi, #15, Jr., selected Coppelia variation.

With non-competing partner Joseph Phillips, Irina Sapozhnikova, #47, Sr., Russia, Don Quixote pas de deux; distinguished war horse with balances, full use of fan. Tone warm, devoid of tricks, gratifying.

Shiori Kase, #64, Sr., Odile’s variation, Swan Lake with assurance, correctness, motivation.

Guillaume Basso, #65, Sr., presented Albrecht’s solo, Act II, Giselle. Stronger than initial variation, last pose, pleading, almost recumbent effective.

Takahiro Hayashi, #66, Sr., all bounce, jump, turning Fille Mal Gardee male variation.

Session IV

Megan Wilson, #16, Jr., U.S.A., spirited rendition of Princess Florine, Blue Bird pas de deux.

Savannah Louis, #17, Jr., U.S.A., white tutu Paquita variation, no hesitation, good attack.

Olivia Gusti, @18, U.S.A., Coppelia variation, showed phrasing.

Mizaho Nagata, #19, Jr., Japan, with non-competing partner Ogulcan Borova, silvery white tutu, coronet, fussy rendition Coppelia Wedding Pas de Deux, hands flicking minus reason, no sense of reason for the dance, fouettes traveling excessively.

Daniel A. McCormick, #20, Jr., Mexico, loosely knit young man, male variation from Flames of Paris, suitable heroic gestures.

Mengjun Chen, #71, Sr., PRC, dressed in buff-color vest, trousers, Fille Mal Gardee variation good ballon, finish

Mozart Mizayama, #73, Sr. Brazil, leaned into Fille Mal Gardee variation; zest; energy, inflection reminiscent of Alexander Grant, Royal Ballet appearances in San Francisco.

Olga Marchenkova, #77, Sr., Russia, Bridesmaid variation, Don Quixote, selection strange to me. Black bodice, yellow skirted tutu, long legs elegantly displayed.

Jayson Sarino Pescasio, #78, Sr., Philippines danced male Fille Mal Gardee variation cleanly, good jumps.


Megan Wilson, #16, danced Paquita variation correctly, transitions abrupt.

Savannah Louis, #Louis, #17, Jr., gave Princess Florine lovely port de bras; not yet motivated.

Olivia Gusti, #18, Paquita variation, tall, coltish.

Daniel A. McCormick, #20, Male Paquita variation, in white and elegant, minor flub.

Ga-yeon Jung, #68, Sr., Ji-Seok Ha, #83, Sr., Korea, Don Quixote Pas de Deux. Heavy on the sequins. Multiple turns, no fan in sight.

Mengjun Chen, #71, Sr., Flower Festival in Gensano variation. Sole dancer of variation in competition; very correct, ballon good.

Mozart Mizuyama, #75, Sr., Swan Lake, Act III variation; opening tours impressive, finish debonair.

Olga Marchenkova, #77, Sr., Grigorovitch variation, Black Swan, Act III. Nicely phrased; variation not my favorite.

Jayson Sarino Pescasio, #78, Sr., Grigorovitch variation, Prince Siegfried, Act III, Swan Lake.