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Wayne MacGregor’s Ensemble at YBC January 14

19 Jan

Some audience members in the orchestra gave Company Wayne MacGregor a standing ovation, but not all. The fifty-nine minute non-stop work titled Atmos displayed wonderful dancers with prodigious abilities and flexibility, a scrim with subtly appealing shades of grey through gentle purples and geometric shapes, some side lighting on stage right at the beginning which grabbed my attention.

MacGregor’s visual eye on production aspects is distinctly acute. But when it comes to choreography I am afraid I belong to some of the nay sayers, even though I have come to like Chroma, danced locally by San Francisco Ballet.

The dancers’ facility must mesmerize MacGregor to ask them to accomplish all sorts of leaps, partnered or solo, and to create crouching duos. An amoebic beginning reminded me of containers of composting worms one purchases at hardware or garden shops, and some of the partnering impressed me with variations of that same writhing. The initial movements I found intriguing, but after the third repetition I wanted something more.

Given his bio statement I am fully aware Mr. MacGregor is one of England’s head honchos of Albion’s modern dance. The credits and awards are singularly impressive. I guess I am simply out of step, but I do admire his abilities for production and selection of dancers clearly attracted to working with him.