SFBallet’s Dozen for 2018

16 Apr

I looked over the roster of choreographers for San Francisco Ballet’s 2018 season finale and noted that Alonzo King is the only local choreographer selected for the dozen choreographers to mount new works on the SFB dancers if one doesn’t include Myles Thatcher, the company member.

Refreshing news is that Annabelle Lopez Ochoa and Cathy Marston are included.  There have been, to my memory, only four other female choreographers included over various seasons, and, at different times, including Brenda Way and Margaret Jenkins.  Amy Seiwart is not yet anointed.

Reinvited choreographers are Justin Peck, Christopher Wheeldon, Edward Liaing, Arthur Pita, Stanton Welch, Trey Mcintrye, with David Dawson and Dwight Rhoden as the new invitees.

Clearly it’s going to be a busy summer for the dancers learning new works and acclimatizing to different choreographic styles.  But with the crop of newly elevated soloists, the company is ready for it.  If I may say so, it’s a canny way of handling the departure of so many older principals – new works for newer dancers.  For the most part, Helgi Tomasson has never been lacking that capacity.



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