Dietmar Seyffert’s Dance Study in English

16 Mar

Back in 2012 Dietmar Seyffert sent me his treatise on Pedagogy and Psychology of Dance.

It was printed in Russian, and he was interested in seeing it translated into English.  I thrashed around to zero effect. The mail woman rang my doorbell this morning, asking me to sign registered mail.  It bore Dietmar’s individualistic signature and from the size I knew something exciting had occurred.

Yes, indeed, Dietmar has managed to get an English language translation of the 2012 original.  The publisher is Rediroma-Verlag in Germany with an ISBN 978-3-86870-935-3, and a listed price is 8.95 euros. The publishers web-site is:  Vladimir Vasiliev wrote a preface in 2012.

I  need to read it of course, but I wanted to share this gratifying development with  whom ever reads my effusions, so they can enjoy Dietmar’s considerations and his intriguing line drawings.




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