The Moon Eclipse

28 Sep

Since September 27 is notable for its full moon eclipse, it reminds me of a PBS Quest program I watched recently. It was about sending men to the moon, which is understandable, given the U.S. history of achieving that.

What is alarming is that private firms are on a quest to land robots on the moon for  investigation leading to mining on the moon. Yes, mining on the moon. International law prevents nations from claiming the moon as territory, but no law exists, with similar preventing some adventurous [read greedy] souls from extracting gold, silver, or whatever else the moon may possess below its surface, being lifted, by robots, brought to earth’s surface, to sell.

There ought to be a law. I can just imagine pockets in the surface showing up when the moon is full. Worse still, how would mining affect the ocean tides?

Here we are, many of us, attempting to protect the planet, but no one has considered the plight of our lady, the Moon.

To the barricades, anyone?


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