Janice Ross at The Jewish Museum, April 16

8 Mar

Thursday, April 16, in conjunction with the Holocaust Remembrance Day, Janice Ross will engage in conversation with Wendy Van Dyck, former San Francisco Ballet principal, in discussing Leonid Yacobsen, 1904-1975, the controversial Soviet choreographer. The discussion will occur at the Jewish Museum, 736 Mission Street, Third and Fourth Streets, San Francisco at 6:30 p.m. Tickets at $10 include Museum membership. Sales and signing for Like A Bomb Going Off, Yale University Press, 2015, will follow.

Ross, Stanford Professor in the Theatre Arts Department, and author of studies on Margaret d”Houbler [University of Wisconsin, 2000], San Francisco Ballet [Chronicle Books, 2007], Anna Halprin [University of California Press, 2009} has been both a prolific writer and steady contributor to informed coverage of dance and dance scholarship throughout her career. Following two years of a monthly dance column, 1964-1966 by a different writer, Ross became the first full-time dance writer on The Oakland Tribune, and the first in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has served as president of the Dance Critics Association and collaborated with the late Cobbett Steinberg on a San Francisco Ballet-related symposium titled “Why a Swan” when that company produced its first production of the Marius Petipa-Lev Ivanov-Petyr Ilyich Tchaikovsky classic. More recently she spent two years as President of the Society for Dance History Scholars and arranged to have the Society’s annual meeting held on the Stanford Campus during her presidency. In 2014 the Isadora Duncan Dance Award Committee, for which she served at one-time as a member, bestowed on her a Sustained Achievement Award.

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