Ballet Talk on the #24 Divisadero

9 Feb

Friday, while waiting at California at Divisadero for the #24
Southbound, I noticed a tall, well-built man pointing a foot,
and then slightly moving one leg in front and behind a standing one, covering a small space and gazing as if trying to remember a series of movements.

Deciding to break the distance, I asked, “Are you remembering
steps from a ballet class?” He smiled, a tad ruefully, and said, “Yes I take ballet.” “Where?” asked I. “Lines,” he replied as we got on the bus, seating ourselves on opposite sides of the bus. “Who’s your teacher? ” I continued.

Sensing my interest was more than casual, he moved over to
sit beside me, and named two of the instructors there. Then
he said, “I also took from Yahuda Maor.” I responded, “Oh, really. Kristine Elliott taught there after she left American Ballet Theatre, and then Krissy Keifer had the space for a while.”

I guess he considered me knowledgeable enough to mention
“I just took a class from Yahuda. He’s in town visiting.
He now has a huge studio in Mumbai. That guy, he’s 72, a
monster. He was criticizing a dancer’s penche arabesque, and said ‘Don’t put your head down, it makes you look like a cow in a meadow in Switzerland.'”

I told him I was a writer, and gave him the name of this
blog which he jotted down on his I Phone. I hope he forgives
using Yahuda’s comment, but it’s too good to let drop.


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