How I Wish

7 Nov

Hopefully, this will be a quickie and goodie, and it has little to do with dance except in terms of the dollars and dimes you may dole out in support of a company or an individual dancer.

It’s the unending stream of “Please Donate” letters coming my way. It’s almost as bad as catalogues which emanate from one central mailing firm. The solicitations cover everything from UNICEF, Medicins San Fontiers [so much more glamorous sounding than the English Doctors Without Borders], CARE, Vet organizations, children’s Funds of various types, local food organizations, as well as political shades and grades, elected officials plus educational institutions, including my alma mater.

I have written “no more” via e-mail; for some reason a year or two later back into the mail box their solicitations arrive. Sometimes I write Refused on the envelope or catalog, but mostly into the recycle bin the four color [!!!!] ask goes. And I used to wonder if I ever would have interesting mail in the box!

It’s not as though I haven’t decided my areas of non-profit donation and concern. The major ones enjoy a monthly donation from my elecxtronically-deposited pension check, while others get a seasonal donation when the bank balance can bear it.

I propose the unlikely, but at some NGO convention wouldn’t it be great for the honchos getting together by area of focus and deciding to whom they would solicit? It just might cut down on the mailing size, provide a steadier source of effective appealing and unburden octogenarians with a guilty conscience.

One of my favorite Steig cartoons shows one of his spooky characters looking out from a box with the query “Who Are All Those Others?” Enough already, please!


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