2014 USA IBC Round III Classical Choices

16 Jul

With the completion of Round II, the jury’s point system for Rounds I and II was discarded. With Round III the jury started a new set of points. I make the assumption that most readers are familiar with the choreographers
and the composer.

Solo Competitors were required to dance two variations, one from A, one from B. Couples to dance one pas de deux from either A or B. The choices are listed below.

A. Raymonda: Act II, Variation IV; Male Variation; Pizzicato Variation, Act I

B. Grand Pas Classique: Grand Pas de deux; Male Variation; Female Variation; Coda

A. Sleeping Beauty, Grand Pas de deux, Act III, Aurora and Prince; Male Variation, Female Variation; Coda

B. Le Corsaire; Pas d’Esclave; Merchant Variation;Slave Girl Variation.Pas de deux, Medora and the Slave; Male Variation; Female Variation; Alternate Variation (Dulcinea or Gamzatti); Coda.

A. Swan Lake; Pas de deux, Act II (White Swan); Variation of Odette.

B. La Bayadere; 1st Shade Variation; 2nd Shade Variation; 3rd Shade Variation; Variation of Solo;
Golden Idol Variation

A. Nutcracker; Grand Pas de deux; Male Variation; Female Variation; Coda.

B. Esmeralda; Pas de Deux, Diana & Acteon; Male Variation; Female Variation; Coda.

From Raymonda, only the male variation was chosen. Swan Lake, Act II was not danced at all, nor was the Pas d’Esclave from Le Corsaire. Also ignored were the Shade variations from La Bayadere. While I am not familiar with the neglected dances from Le Corsaire, I am fully aware of just how difficult the Shade variations are from La Bayadere and the difficult choice of Swan Lake, Act II. The latter is definitely a woman’s role, and its choicewould have been made at the outset only with a non-competing partner. Also quite missing was any choice of the Golden Idol Variation, again from La Bayadere, perhaps the clearest example of character dancing from amongst the Round III selections. The men, clearly, were not interested.


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