2014 USA IBC Competition, Round I Sessions V and VI, June 17, 2014

9 Jul

By these two sessions, the audience began to pick up; still slight compared to my memory of earlier competitions. There is an entirely new generation in the audience, though a healthy number in the audience are grey-haired and seem accustomed to this every four-year treat.

Session V

Yue Shi, # 21, Jr., PRC, Coppelia male variation, brilliant, clear.

Karina Eimon, #22, Jr., U.S.A., Paquita variation, displayed the sensation of feeling lush.

Alexandra Ling, #23, Jr., U.S.A., in yellow, another Paquita variation, slight, sweet quality.

Yasmin Lamondo, #24, Jr., and Gustavo Carvalho, #36, Jr., Brazil. Coppelia Wedding Pas de deux.Spot on rendition, feeling of being in love; she demeure, he solicitous, protective.Audience responded.

Yoshiko Kamikusa, #25, Jr., Japan,Coppelia again, noted alternating arms,fouettes sur la place.

Cara Marie Gary, #79, Sr., U.S.A., Aaron Smyth, #69, Sr., Australia, Esmeralda Pas de Deux. Gary in short green tutu,arm bands. Smyth wearing dull tights. A flub in her final fouettes

Ivan Duarte, #82, Sr., Brazil, Esmeralda male variation, green vest, white tights, very clean; finished near side curtain, otherwise in control.

Song Xiao, #86, Sr., PRC, Esmeralda, delicate and small, red trim on black tutu

Ayako Okubo, #88, Sr., Japan, third Esmeralda in a row, correct use of tamborine.


Yue Shi, # 21, Jr., PRC, Flames of Paris variation, strongly executed barrel tours.

Karina Eimon, #22, Jr., U.S.A., Coppelia variation, gestures fussy, turns seemed not to move much, though corret.

Alexandra Ling, #23, Jr., U.S.A., another Coppelia, faltered in fouette, sure of movement in menage, finished well.

Yoshiko Kamikura, #25, Jr., Japan, Paquita, definitely a turner and confident.

Hana Svabenska, #81, Sr., Czech Republic, NCP Arthur Abram, Esmeralda Pas de Deux – good balances but too careful, faltered in fouettes; partner had nice jumps, overall too subdued for pas de deux.

Ivan Duarte, #82, Sr., Brazil, male variation from Don Quixote; low tours, clean, multiple pirouettes, exciting; audience thought so too.

Song Xiao, #86, Sr., PRC, Giselle, Act I; toe shoes sounds, perfunctory attention to Albrecht.

Ayako Okubo, #88, Sr .,Japan,Black Swan variation, port de bras unusual.

Session VI

Paulina Garaieb Abella, #26, Jr., Mexico, Coppelia, large-boned dancer, very clean execution.

Victoria Wong, #27, Jr., U.S.A., Paquita, in silver with sequins, phrases well filled and timed.

Ami Naito, #28, Jr., Japan, Paquita, went for precision rather than style; finishes in fifth very clear.

Mackenzie Richter, #29, Jr., U.S.A., Florine, Blue Bird pas de deux, light, good port de bras.

Gabrielle Chock, #30, Jr., U.S.A., Flames of Paris, phrasing in changements.

Sirui Liu, #90, Sr. PRC, Rodrigo Almarales, #76, Sr., Cuba, Don Quixote pas de deux, pretty dress, needed underskirt, in final coda directional turns in fouettes form. Almarales very male, touch of swagger, soccer player like, regarded audience before starting variation it went bonkers.

Yuki Yashima, #91, Sr., Japan, Luis Eduardo Gonzalez, #87, Sr., Colombia, La Fille Mal Gardee pas de deux – credited everyone but Dauberval. He a little shakey; she expressed happiness, is a natural turner.

Jeong Hansol, #92, Sr., Korea, La Fille Mal Gardee, scarlet vest, white sleeved.


Paulina Garaieb Abella, #26, Jr., Mexico, Paquita, lush Latin quality, accurate turns.

Victoria Wong, #27, Jr., U.S.A., Flames of Paris, sense of play, direction in turns.

Ami Naito, #28, Jr., Japan, Florine in Blue Bird, pale blue and many sequins, precise.

Mackenzie Richter, #29, Jr., U.S.A.,Coppelia, a rhinestone tiara for a village wedding? Since when!

Gabrielle Chock, #30, Jr., U.S.A., Paquita, assured, strong attack.

Jeong Hansol, #92, Sr., Korea, Don Quixote variation, elevation excellent; interesting use of turns; smile of pleasure, control. Another dancer in charge, eliciting strong response.

Jemima S. Sanielle Reyes, #93, Sr., Victor V. Maguad #53, Sr., Philippines, Black Swan pas de deux, Act III, Swan Lake. Her costumes with full sleeves, incongruous tiara of slight blue sequins; both tiny, he long waisted, used Grigorovitch variations.

Kaori Fukui, #94, Sr., Jun Tanabe, #72, Sr., Japan, Don Quixote pas de deux; good personal connection; his turns spectacular; she looked like a poppy in costume, standard use of fan.


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