2014 USA IBC Competition Round I, Sessions VII and VIII, June 18, 2014

9 Jul

Round VII

Aaron Bell, #31, Jr. U.S.A., Coppelia,; classically correct, very well phrased; legs seemed to have sprouted with need to consolidate coordination.

Arcadian Broad, #32, Jr., U.S.A., Flames of Paris; strong, muscular dancer, seems to rush, push variation.

Alexia Basso, # 33, Jr., South Africa, Paquita; looked sweet, vulnerable; coaching sacrificed musicality for excessively correct positions.

Jinsol Eum, #34, Jr., Korea, Paquita variation; small, compact, muscular dancer.

Jessica Assef, #95, Sr., Brazil, NCP Lamin Dos Santos, Giselle Pas de Deux, Act II; adequate; did not rouse me.

Seitaro Tatsumi, #96, Sr., Japan, Act III, Swan Lake; overly restrained.


Aaron Bell, #31, Jr. U.S.A., Flames of Paris variation; good phrasing; delivery continued loose.

Arcadian Broad, #32, Jr., U.S.A., Coppelia variation; rushed beat; good turns, zilch interepretation,
no difference from earlier variation.

Alexia Basso, # 33, Jr., South Africa, Flames of Paris variation; legs, clear, precise; arms need work.

Jinsol Eum, #34, Jr., Korea, Flames of Paris variation; nailed it, heroics et al. Audience responded.

Seitaro Tatsumi, #96, Sr., Japan, La Fille Mal Gardee; long-waisted dancer, pink vest, grey tights, accurate, slight stumble at finish.

Anna Porter Wilkes-Davis, #97, Sr., U.S.A., NCP Journy Wilkes-Davis, Giselle, Act II; accurate, did not engage me.

Heewon Cho, #98, Sr., Byul Yun, #100, Sr., Korea, Don Quixote Pas de Deux; no notes.

Round VIII

Gisela Bethea, #35, Jr., U. S.A., Michael Slawomir Wosniak, # 84, Sr., Poland; Giselle, Peasant Pas de Deux; clean, tad sedate, but canny choice, totally competent

Kathleen Videira, #36, Jr., South Africa, Paquita variation; clean, promising, but arms. arms!

Daniela K. Maarraoui, #37, Jr., U.S.A. Paquita; very good beginning, nice transitions; ending flubbed but recovered.

Romania Contreras, #38, Jr., Sebastian Vinet, #73, Sr., Chile, Blue Bird pas de deux; she conveys sense of style, his turns off, ballon okay; good costuming.

Kota Fujishima, #99, Sr., Japan. La Fille Mal Gardee; good jumps, nice presentation, not much interpretative quality


Kathleen Videira, #36, Jr., South Africa, Coppelia; costume, sequins! coronet! port de bras lack fluidity

Daniela K. Maarraoui, #37, Jr., U.S.A., second Paquita variation; nice fouette turns, calm presence.

Kota Fujishima, #99, Sr., Japan, Don Quixote variation; counted 6-7 pirouette turns; am I really at a wedding?

Melissa Gelfin, #101, Sr., U.S.A., Telmo Moreira, #88, Sr., Portugal, Don Quixote pas de deux;
fouette turns, mostly one spot, spectacular. White tights made him look chunky.

Tamako Miyazaki, #102, Sr., Japan, Ariel Breitman, #67, Sr. U.S.A., Esmeralda pas de deux;
Breitman understated, clean; Miyazaki balances phenomenal, thrice; neither overplayed. Audience near ecstatic; great end to Round I.


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