IBC Competitors Having Other Awards

8 Jul

Every four years the competence level of dancers has risen at the USA IBC Competitions. While the prize winners each four years I remember being as up to snuff, the also rans have undergone increasing preliminary scrutiny.The first was probably something of a free for all, limited mainly by financial means of the competitors. The second had some regional appearances, the Pacific Coast one being in Sacramento, presided over by Richard Englund, where Ricardo Bustamonte refused to continue because his girl friend was eliminated. The year Jennifer Gelfand earned the junior gold, she was required to audition in Jackson to qualify for further consideration. I remember that year a young candidate from San Francisco was eliminated, but went on to have a substantial number of seasons with a modern dance company. Her bio once read “she was invited to participate in the USA IBC Competition,” until it was pointed out how few actually are “invited,” unlike Andris Liepa and Nina Ananiasvili in 1986.

The guidelines for 2014 required submission of a video, either a pas de deux or two variations if dancing solo. These are the selections they will repeat during the actual Competition. These were surveyed by The Competitor Selection Committee, three individuals with long-standing distinction in the dance world: Adam Sklute, artistic director of Ballet West; Virginia Johnson, former ballerina and now artistic director of Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Magaly Suarez, one-time teacher at the Cuban National Ballet and now Artistic Director of Florida Classical Ballet.

Listed below are some of the honors garnered by the successful competition applicants:

All Japan Ballet Competition , Tokyo
Asian Grand Prix Hong Kong
Asian Grand Prix International Ballet Competition
Ballet Competition Nagoya
Ballet Competition, Osaka
Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition; Silver
Bejing International Competition; Bronze
Capetown International Ballet Competition; Silver
Concorso International di Danza, Italy
Concours International de Toulon; First Prize
Contemporary American Dance Competition
Cuban International Ballet Competition; Third Place
Cuban National Competition; Silver; Bronze
Festival de Danca du Joinville; Gold –4
Helsinki International Ballet Competition; Gold; Silver; Finalist
International Dance Festival TANZOLYMP
Kobe Dance Competition
Korea International Ballet Competition; Silver; Bronze
Moscow International Competition; Silver –2; Bronze
NBA National Ballet Competition
Passeo de Arte; Best Female Dancer; First Place, Pas de Deux
Passion du Ballet: Kyoto
Prix de Lausanne; Finalist; Apprentice Award
Rudollf Nureyev International Ballet Competition, Hungary
Number of IBC Competitors Having Other Awards-II
Seoul National Dance Competition; Gold – 2; Silver
Sicilia Barocca International Concours
Stars of the 21st Century International Ballet Competition
Valentina Koslova International Ballet Competition; Silver Medal
Varna International Ballet Competition; Bronze; Finalist
World Ballet Competition; Gold; Silver; Bronze; finalist
Youth America Grand Prix Finals, New York; Grand Prix; Silver
Youth America Grand Prix Regionals; Dallas; Houston; Los Angeles; New York; San Francisco; Tampa


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