2014 Company Affiliations of USA IBC Contestants

8 Jul

To provide readers with additional proof of the dancing caliber, I went through the mug shots of the competitors, making list of company affiliations as listed below the images. In two instances, my curiosity was sufficient to inquire further about two ensembles, to mention later. I was happily surprised at the information. Most of the US-based companies I already knew about slightly, and, of course, the large foreign ones registered the relative importance and degree of training the dancers had enjoyed. The list should convey just how talented some of the entrants were, and, lucky for them, already earning a salary at their chosen profession.

Arts Ballet Theatre of Florida
Ballet Arizona
Ballet de Santiago
Ballet Municipal de Lima
Ballet Philippines
Ballet San Antonio
Bolshoi Ballet
Cincinnati Ballet
Coastal City Ballet
Colorado Ballet
Columbia Classical Ballet
Companhia Brasileira de Ballet
English National Ballet
Jinushi Kaoru Ballet Academy
Joffrey Ballet
Milwaukee Ballet
Mongolia Opera Ballet
The National Theatre Brno
National Ballet of Cuba
Orlando Ballet
Orlando Ballet II
Pacific Northwest Ballet
Primorsky State Opera and Ballet
Royal Winnipeg Ballet
The Washington Ballet


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