Another Jacques D’Amboise Appearance

21 Jan

Channel 32.5 screened another of the 1955 glimpses of a young Jacques D’Amboise. Again the hue was sepia, images fuzzy, foreshortened with camera’s limited capacities Again, the footage credits were Canadian.

It was thrilling because it was Jerome Robbins’ Afternoon of a Faun to that evocative music by Claude Debussy with the girl/woman being Tanaquil Le Clerq. The camera made her legs look heavy, so that her spiky thin quality was almost totally lost. But not her dancing and the thrill of having a record of one of her signature roles, created by Robbins with Le Clerq in mind.

1955 was achingly close to Le Clerq’s falling prey to polio in Copenhagen, making
the footage poignant, the record precious.


One Response to “Another Jacques D’Amboise Appearance”

  1. Odette's Ordeal January 21, 2014 at 11:28 am #

    Hi Renee- Just so you know, all these old clips are on YouTube. (It’s better than TV, because you can watch them whenever you want.) Here’s the Faun clip with Jacques and Tanny: Most everyone goes to YouTube these days. If you do a search on Jacques d’Amboise on YouTube, all kinds of wonderful video clips pop up. Everything channel 32.5 shows is on YouTube. Pretty much everything that’s ever been on TV or in a dance DVD/broadcast is on YouTube. (Even I’m on YouTube! lol) Since this is your 2nd post about channel 32.5, just thought I’d let you know you can see these anytime, at your leisure. To prepare for Giselle, I always watch Fracci’s mad scene on YouTube. It’s my gold standard. You can spend an entire lifetime watching dance clips on YouTube, since there’s always someone taping (illegally) in every venue in the world. It’s how I shared Mathilde Froustey’s SFB Nut Pas with Davit already, weeks ago, though I also saw them live! Want to see Giselle with Zakharova? Lopatkina? Lacarra? Kirkland? Makarova? Osipova? Cojocaru? Rojo? Smirnova (Filin’s protege) from her London Giselle with the Bolshoi? Lorena? All on YouTube. Our Masha in her Mariinsky guest engagements? Yep-YouTube. But it’s the old clips that we all watch. YouTube is the dancers’ bible these days. If anything was ever filmed by anyone ever, be it Pavlova, old Bell Telephone Hour, or an audience bootleg-it’s on YouTube. Copyright infringers get away with murder and are losing the battle. Before I saw Onegin, I was able to watch Sabina Alleman’s version with the Nat’l Ballet of Canada in its entirety. The clips were numbered 1thru 12, I think. I watched about 30 different Onegin mirror pdd’s on Youtube and became so familiar with it, I could mark the whole thing myself. Your posts are lovely-just wanted to let you know that it’s all available all the time. If you wanted to cover great old clips, you don’t have to wait for channel 32.5 to show them. 🙂 Hope you go to see Tiit and Mathilde’s Giselle. He is thrilled with her and I can’t wait! I might have to miss Vanessa & Taras, but will get to all the others. You? Hope you’ve stayed well-I got a nasty cold and am still recuperating. At least it wasn’t the flu. See you Wed? Xo

    “I hate writing, I love having written.” ― Dorothy Parker

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