Target Update

1 Sep

No sooner had I written about the white with grey accented walls of Target’s new branch on Geary Boulevard than vegetation has been installed. Near the parking lot are two or three distinctly different forms of low lying plants.

Boy, do I wish I had my aunt’s command of Latin names for vegetation. She used to discuss with nurserymen and gardeners in Latin about suitable plantings on the slope of the family home in Los Gatos. I still find that impressive.

The one thing which did not occur to her was the damage by the chemicals in their sewer system to the magnificent oak tree adorning the northern end of their property. In the gap between my early adolescence and my visit following my grandmother’s death, the oak tree had died, trunk and limbs removed, increasing the view but minimizing the sheltering privacy from a new neighbor down the hill.

Back to Target, I did not mention the three monumental sized grill structures along the wall. I thought they were intended for advertisements. Wrong, wrong, wrong. In front of each metal web is now a vine, the intervals in between
new home to clusters of swaying clumps of bamboo. The drip lines are brown in hue. Let’s hope the bamboo belongs to the cluster family, not the running root variety, so invasive and potential source of expensive sewer damage. Target is probably quite

Interesting note is the new sign on the old Sears Tower, proclaiming the location as City Center. I need to look on the map to see if, indeed, where the Western Addition gives way to Jordan Park and the apartment buildings on Masonic
near California, is the geographic center of San Francisco. Speaks a lot to how the city moved west to conquer the sand-dunes, dislodging the ribbon of cemeteries marking the edge of old San Francisco, pre World War II.


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