Target is Coming

30 Aug

Geary Boulevard near Masonic is under going yet another change and you can call it Target.  The three-level building that has entries on both Masonic and Geary has been shuttered ever since Mervyn’s closed, though Office Depot next door and Best Buyabove continued to sell their appropriate merchandise.

Then suddenly this January Office Depot began to have a sale and I, needing a new laptop, benefited, though still not aware of the reason for the advertised 30% discount. As the shelves emptied and the announcement was made that the printing division was closing, I realized the business convenience was about to disappear. I walked in the closing week when the blank shelves, the printing and reproduction service, USPS and UPS receiving station had closed down; the skeletal crew silently reflected the verity that the count down was coming closer — eerie, dismal, and quite final.

Watching preparations for what is announced as an October opening, the building and the retaining wall for the lowest of three parking lots have been painted white with two tones of grey, one light, the other a decided hue, oblong or squarish accents. They have emerged from the protecting netting on the building, continuing on the parking lot retaining wall. The bushes along the side walk on Geary have been torn out, exposing the plastic tubing for the water supply. Most of that is gone also, or else submerged. At this writing, I haven’t seen replacements.

I keep wondering how come no graffiti? But then I realize Geary Boulevard gets constant traffic and Presidio Avenue butts across the underpass stopping where the parking lot begins. It looks as though the parking lot is going to have a monitor, probably a good idea. The lot has a spectacular view, sweeping down
Geary towards Fillmore and then northeast to Russian Hill and north to Pacific
Heights, almost as good as Twin Peaks and not nearly so windy. Pity it’s not
so likely to be admired, unless someone dreams up a whodunnit with a chase across the parking spaces.

I remember the location when it was a Sears where I spent spare cash on plants,
planters, mostly ceramic, and as many Ortho paperbacks as were displayed; once I pocketed a dropped $5 bill, a rare windfall.

It will be a novel experience for me to shop Target; I’ve never been inside one, unlike most Americans. During the lengthy shuttered period, Brooke Byrne, now a partner in Geary Dance Center, and I fantasized how great it would be if the location could be turned into a performing arts center complete with all those parking lots, the ceilings and the escalator.




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