17 Aug

This afternoon Olaf Ruehl came up from Sunnyvale to work on the continuing task to get me more competent on the computer. Olaf came my way via Yanni Varda, a former dancer with the Dance Through Time social dance troupe started by Carol Teten commencing this branch of social history with what was the Elizabethan period’s aristocratic dance craze. I think it’s the Volta where the man is required to lift his partner up by her bodice. This feat gets accomplished because the front of bodice has been stiffened, I think by whale bone or something equally sturdy, enabling the man to grasp something firmly to send his partner flying, usually shrieking with evident delight.

Olaf teaches German during the school year on the weekends. As you might guess, the combination of technology and mastery of the German language served at the forefront of scientific knowledge during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, and such linguistic competence makes for supremely precise mental processes. Add courtesy and a cheerful nature and Olaf is pretty amazing.

Every time Olaf’s schedule permits him to spend about two hours answering my many questions, it winds up the list gets two or three items crossed off, but the amended list adds another two or three.

Today Olaf corrected the extra entries on this blog’s heading, replacing the initial type with what you now see, the design Claude Dieterich A. executed. It makes me chuckle. Claude caught “a look” fitting perfectly with the title chosen for this blog. I hope it amuses you as much as it does me.


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