San Francisco Loses an Artist

22 May

By May 31 the master calligrapher Claude Dieterich A. will have flown from San Francisco to Lima, Peru where he lived prior to arriving in San Francisco in 1992.  A native of France who spent his early years in Avignon, Claude studied art at the University of Grenoble before spending some years practicing this aspect of visual art in Paris.

He taught most of his San Francisco years at what is now the University of Art Academy and was an active member of The Friends of Calligraphy; he exhibited in their displays in the San Francisco Public Library’s Main Branch before and after it changed buildings.  Several times his work provided the seasonal greetings for Friends of the Library, and examples of his skill belong to the  Library’s Main Branch on Grove near Market Street.

Those who have known him during his twenty years here have enjoyed his thoughtful company, his trenchant comments, his curiosity, enthusiasms and the delights of his cooking.  I don’t know how his students regarded him, but if they had any capacity to appreciate the genuine qualities of being, they would have learned a great deal.  Those who haven’t known him can appreciate his art on his website.  I do recommend it.

Sayonara, Claude.  Au revoir.


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