Tadich’s Grill, San Francisco

20 May

Last week The San Francisco Chronicle posted a notice that Tadich’s Grill, the third oldest in the U.S., was about to make anannouncement; the person posting invited comments and also posted the odds on the betting.

Well, today the announcement is out that Tadich’s will open in D.C. in 2014. All I can say is that if they can clone one tenth of this San Francisco grill in the nation’s capital, Washingtonians should be extremely grateful.  I hope President Barack or Michelle Obama will consent to cut the ribbon.

Tadich’s is a no nonsense grill, specializing in seafood, where my grand uncle used to go for lunch every working day he had an office in the  William Dollar Building on California Street.  That’s fifty years, my friend.

The location was on Clay Street, before the Embarcadero Center shooed the establishment over to California below Sansome Street, where they had to get rid of the sawdust.  I’d swear I went there at least once and scuffed up the yellow stuff with my shoes. I have no idea whether my memory is accurate but I recall tongue and groove for the walls, but the current location sports dark stained wood and the occasional stained glass.  It could well be I’ve confused the construction with the now shuttered Jack’s on Sacramento.

Given so many San Francisco landmarks, particularly the merchandising ones, have been subsumed by retail conglomerates with origins in New York City, I’m thrilled something of this city is going east.  It won’t combat the high rises and the rental hikes, but it will serve as a symbol of that world my  grand uncle inhabited with such verve.


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