Changes Coming at Ballet San Jose

23 Mar

At the Friday night March 22 program, two Frederick  Ashton ballets, one by Stanton Welsh and the finale by Clark Tippet, publicity spokesperson Lee Kopp  confirmed the rumor that nine current members of Ballet San Jose have been given pink slips.  Though Kopp gave me no specific names, a source informed me that among the roster is the thirty-year old veteran principal dancer  Karen Gabay.  With such a history with the company from the time it was Cleveland Ballet, one hopes Gabay will either be retained in some artistic or advisory capacity or given a wonderful send off, preferably both.

It is hard for any artistic enterprise in this economy to utilize dancers when they relinquish their performing slippers.  One does hope, however,  that the usual bag of related talents dancers manage to possess could be put to productive use for the organization  so much a part of their lives and to which they have contributed many years.

The review of the program will be treated separately.  But to round out this speculation, it was something of a surprise to see Juan Manuel Carreno in the lobby after the performance.  It leads one to speculate why he might be lingering following his appearances in Don Quixote.


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