The 16th San Francisco International Hip Hop Festival, November 16-18, 2012

25 Oct

Brechin Flouroy issued the first major announcement about Micaya’s annual S.F. International Hip Hop Festival about ten days ago.  Last year Micaya rated one of the S.F. Guardian’s Goldies and earlier received a 2006 Isadora Duncan Dance Award for her steadfast support of  this street culture-born dance form.

The venue remains the same, the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre, but the November dates have been moved up to November 16-18, in the usual two program format. Program A starts off at 8 p.m. on Friday November 18, repeating on the Sunday matinee at 2 p.m. Program B is unveiled at 8 p.m. Saturday November 17, and follows Program A on Sunday, November 18 at 7 p.m. before Micaya  goes on stage with one of her pairs of incredible high heeled shoes, displaying her remarkable legs topped with a short skirt and urging the audience to show the performers “a lot of love.” This will be Micaya’s  14th such exhortation to the fans and admirers of her devotion and the participants’ skill.

The international companies this year will represent the U.K., Norway and one company that  credits Montreal, Chile, Holland, L.A. and Tokyo if you can figure that one out.  Nationally Philadelphia and New York are represented,
with three companies from Los Angeles, one from Sacramento, and one from San Jose.  Closer in will be San Mateo, Vacaville, Oakland, Santa Rosa. Suisin City.  I have every reason to believe that visas and finances may have limited international entries.  While I remember it, the release listed participating foundation support, and I am happy to declare that virtually everyone of these non-profit institutions  and civic bodies supporting dance works in the San Francisco area are credited with support.  Bravi!

Program A:

Boy Blue, London, U.K, “Blu-Nighted Kingdom

ILL-Style and Peach Production, Phiadelphia

Mix’d Ingredients, Oakland

Goodfellas, Sacramento

Physical Poets, Los Angeles

MVP, San Jose

Lux Aeterna, Los Angeles

Chapkis Dance, Suisin City

Program B:

Blue Boy, London, U.K., “Emancipation of Expressionism, U.S. Premiere

Ill-Abilities, Montreal, Chile, Holland, L.A., Tokyo

The U.N.I.T., Santa Rosa

SoulForce Dance Company, San Francisco

Bliss Dance Company, Vacaville

Academy of Villains, San Mateo

Decadance, New York

Versastyle, Los Angeles

dEEo diWN dopEISM, Norway.

Master classes with members of the companies from London and Philadelphia are planned November 17 at the Metronome Ballroom, 1830 17th Street, San Francisco, cash only, $38 for two, $20 for one.

If you want to see what teen-agers in dance who don’t fall into the formal dance sphere are doing, this is the time and place to see town and urban youth display body, mind and muscle to music that invades our daily lives.  What they do with those percussive sounds, those rapid fire words which frequently are raunchy enough to make the conventional souls winch, with equal frequency is amazing, admirable and sometimes awe inspiring.  Their dancing often is just SO ALIVE..

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