The Latest on Dennis Nahat

11 Jun

Before his controversial departure from Ballet San Jose, the company he brought to San Jose from Cleveland and then transferred totally to the South Bay, Dennis Nahat was extending his involvement in East Asia, specifically Japan and China. He has continued to do so with a production in China which is announced as coming to the United States.

Nahat will teach briefly at the studios established at the Chinese Performing Arts of America in San Jose before returning to China for more work on a production which he conceived and is directing.  Yulan: World of Peace, Harmony and Love is scheduled for a mid-September opening in China, choreographed by Jin Yunjiang, Yuan Donglie, Zhang Hongfei, Song Xiaoxne with music by Paul Chihara.

Michael Smuin choreography enthusiasts will remember  Chihara was Smuin’s composer of choice for Shinju and The Tempest.  Additional music will be supplied by Jeff Kryka.  Nahat remarked “He [Chihara] is wonderful to work with and we will have a fine new score of extraordinary music played by the National Symphony of Beijing along with special artists to play the Erhu and Qu Zheng stringed instruments and some percussion.”

Nahat, also involved with the Emerald Isle, mentioned “I will also travel to Dublin, Ireland to teach and continue a collaboration with the new ballet company and city of Dublin as Dublin is the sister city of San Jose.  I’ve been working on projects for sometime….I will continue to do the work I’ve started.”

Remembering Nahat’s Blue Suede Shoes and his collaboration for The Middle Kingdom, the proclamation “A New Multi-Cultural International Theatrical Extravaganza in the High Arts”  is probably right on target.


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