Pascal Molat Cooks!

18 Mar

Those following this rheumy, woolly western eye commentary will remember I recorded  Joanne Weir’s session over KQED’s Life Channel with Joan Boada. I ended my observations with the exhortation “more dancers, please.”

I’d love to credit my stated desire for a recent session on the same program with Pascal Molat, another principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet.  But I suspect the arrangements were made, and the session taped, a long time prior to my blogging. But I have to I commend someone, anyone, on their taste in selecting one of my favorite dancers in said company.

Joanne Weir and Pascal did something with salad as I recall, and I believe also with chicken.  The ultimate charm of the session occurred near the end when Molat grabbed Weir with the comment, “Shall we dance,” whirled her around a bit and then concluded, “Let’s go eat chicken.”

It stands to reason that dancers and food are great friends.  Thanks to Joanne Weir, we’re getting good reinforcement to that truism.  En Avant, mes amis!


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