Joan Boada, Principal Dancer, San Francisco Ballet

16 Jan

As an armchair cook, I find great enjoyment in watching a series of weekday afternoon cooking shows on KQED Life.  I think it’s 54.2.  It runs Lydia Bastianich, Julia Childs , Jacques Pepin, Joanne Weir and Cooks Illustrated. I take away one or two tips daily useful for my culinary routine.

I think it was Friday that Joanne  was cooking a lamb stew, Spanish style,  the cuisine of the Iberian peninsula being her recent love. She had for her one-on-one student someone who looked decidedly familiar and I said to myself, “That’s got to be Joan Boada of SF Ballet!”

Sure enough, Joanne said, “Today we have a very special guest, Joan Boada, principal dancer of San Francisco Ballet.”  Boada turned out to be a quick learner because as he said, “We have to  observe…”

Boada’s presence on the program was an interesting subliminal advertisement for the coming season, starting with “Onegin” January 26;  the Gala formally opens the season on January 19.

Thank you Joanne.  More dancers, please.

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