Caminos Flamencos at Yoshi’s May 25

16 Jul

Yoshi’s is a jazz center, first in Oakland near Jack London Square; about two years ago  it expanded to San Francisco’s Fillmore District when the area began to revitalize its history as one of the vibrant U.S.  jazz centers.  The San Francisco spot has opened its doors to classical music, and May 25 expanded its reach by inviting Yaelisa to bring Caminos Flamencos to its tiny stage.

Yaelisa appeared with Fanny Ara and Melissa Cruz, both regulars with Caminos Flamencos and with guest artists Manuel de la Cruz, seen last November with Theatre Flamenco where he danced sensationally on top of the cajon as Manuel Guitierrez.  More remarkably, he could easily pass for a coming yuppie banker.  Besides Jesus Montoya, Kina Mendez joined his impassioned singing, and Jason McGuire, “El Rubio” provided his usual fine guitar foundation.

In the program, the women changed dresses three times, and danced successive solos in addition to the collective palmas and ending collective. Melissa Cruz in white trousers and jacket, was rhythmically dynamic if shy of coordinating with torso and arms; this grace was left to Fanny Ara’s mesmerizing farrucca.  Yaelisa finished the solo sequence with her innate physical quality which manages to converse privately and the audience simultaneously.

The ensemble enjoyed an audience of regulars, cheering them on, and there is promise of  regular appearances once the technical challenge of the floor has been addressed.


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